Fellowship In Implantology

Fellowship in implantology provides up-to-date information on infection control techniques and concepts in dentistry practices to help prevent infection transmission.

Course Mode


Course Duration

6 Months

Course Certification

GDA Certificate on completion


₹ 147500 + Including GST

About the course

The future of dental implants is very bright. With no other full-tooth replacement therapy on the horizon, the implant dentist is pleased to offer the best solution for missing tooth restoration. It is the fastest-expanding specialty, revolutionizing patient care. This course focuses on the principles of surgical and prosthetic elements of implantology, allowing participants to successfully develop their core training and become proficient in surgically placing and restoring implants. Oral Implantology is a life-changing specialty for both patients and doctors who have the skills, expertise, and commitment to deliver excellent care.

The learning material used in this curriculum is virtual reality and augmented reality, which are being offered for the first time in this subject. The goal of this course is to give all practitioners with thorough knowledge and comprehension through hands-on surgical and prosthetic training on virtual simulation models, beginners, and live-on patients.

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Faculty/Course Instructor

Dr Girish Rao

Dr Anandakrishna