Why GDA?

Why GDA?

  • Learning through experiential immersion, Highly intutitive case experience, Higher knowledge retention with immersion, Objective assessment of skills/knowledge and Endless repo of complex cases.
  • Continuing education programs for clinicians in training as well as experienced clinicians.
  • Customised and individualised learning to promote holistic involvement in education and practice.
  • Training on value-added communication and business skills along with clinical techniques and competencies.
  • Most comprehensive online repository of Dental operative techniques
  • Practice-driven knowledge about breakthrough technologies, materials and protocols in dentistry, including lasers, virtual impression technology, digital occlusal scanning systems, cone beam technology, and computerized diagnostic equipment
  • Curative insights into complex cases ranging from coronoplasty and orthodontics to full-mouth rehabilitation and OSA treatments.

    At GDA, we encourage clinicians to embrace this fast, changing world and making them ready for tomorrow by being their constant learning partner.

    We craft learning journeys for every dentist that address their unique needs. We believe in the power of one-to-one learning that addresses every Dentist’s learning needs, allows them to be holistically involved in their education and be active, lifelong learners.

    Along with the clinical courses for the doctor, the programs emphasize communication and business principles that allow you to take home the keys to drive the practice toward success. In any practice attempting to become successful, the dedication of each of the members will define the level of success the business enjoys. In the end, the success is simply a reflection of the commitment and dedication of each professional.

    GDA CONTINUALLY INVESTIGATES the most advanced technologies, materials, and protocols in dentistry. Along the way GDA dentists learn how to utilize Lasers, Virtual impression technology, Digital occlusal scanning systems, Cone Beam technology, Computerized diagnostic equipment and can make choices about when and where it fits into their practice. As an GDA attendee, you have the opportunity to use these technologies and materials and can take back those that make most sense for your practice.